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Innovate & Elevate: Progress and Insights from Our Creative Journey

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Throughout the Applied Digital Learning (ADL) program, I have been working on an innovation project to improve the delivery of morning announcements in elementary schools. This project aims to replace the traditional auditory delivery method with a more engaging and inclusive video-based system. In this update, I will reflect on the work done so far, the progress made, and the lessons learned throughout the process.

Components and Work Done

Since the initial innovation proposal, I have completed several courses and projects that have contributed to the development and implementation of this innovation:

Progress and Remaining Work

We are presently in the Pilot Implementation stage of the project, where we will test the morning announcement video segments and initiate a pilot launch featuring selected episodes. In this phase, we will make any necessary adjustments to the video segments and implement a marketing and recruitment strategy for the upcoming school year. Please refer to the graphic below for a comprehensive outline of the implementation process.

Lessons Learned and Reflections

Throughout the innovation project, I have learned valuable lessons about the importance of inclusivity and engagement in educational settings. By incorporating video-based announcements, we can cater to a broader range of learning styles and better support students with hearing disabilities and language barriers.

I have also learned the importance of effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders. Through various projects and courses, I have developed strategies for presenting and pitching innovative ideas, garnering support, and overcoming resistance to change. These skills have been crucial in ensuring the successful implementation of the project.

Moreover, I have experienced personal growth in embracing a growth mindset, refining my communication and collaboration skills, and learning the value of self-care and work-life balance. These insights have contributed to the success of my innovation project and positively impacted my relationships with colleagues and stakeholders.

Promotion and Communication

To promote and communicate the innovation project, I will continue to share updates and progress through presentations, articles, and social media. I will also engage with stakeholders, such as educators, administrators, and parents, to gather feedback and refine the system based on their input.

Key Takeaways and Future Application

This innovation project taught me the importance of adaptability, collaboration, and effective communication in driving meaningful change in educational settings. Moving forward, I will apply these lessons to future innovation projects by:

  1. Ensuring a strong focus on inclusivity and engagement

  2. Collaborating with stakeholders to gather feedback and support

  3. Developing and refining communication strategies for promoting and implementing innovative ideas

  4. Embracing a growth mindset and fostering resilience and adaptability

  5. Prioritizing self-care and maintaining a healthy work-life balance

In conclusion, the innovation project has been a valuable learning experience that has provided insight into the challenges and opportunities of implementing change in educational settings. Reflecting on the progress, personal growth experienced, and insights gained, I am better prepared to embark on future innovation projects and persistently enhance students' learning experiences.

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