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Embracing Change: Charting the Next Steps in My ADL Journey

Reflecting on my ADL journey, the insights from Roselinde Torres' video, and the experiences shared by my peers, I realize that this journey has been a transformative experience, both personally and professionally. As a result, my implementation plan aims to incorporate video-based morning announcements in the elementary learning environment. The video's three key questions, combined with those we have consistently examined throughout the program, have steered my progress and evolution as an educational leader and pioneer, shaping my approach to achieving this goal.

What worked?

As I think about what has worked for me throughout this journey, I recognize the importance of collaboration, open communication, and consistency. Engaging in open and constructive conversations with all of you has allowed me to gain valuable insights and perspectives on various topics. In addition, consistently submitting assignments, participating in discussions, and seeking feedback from colleagues and professors have kept me focused and motivated. Finally, like many of you, I've found that effectively managing time, improving writing skills, and anticipating resistance to change have been crucial to our growth as leaders.

What could I do better?

However, there's always room for improvement. As I move forward, I recognize the importance of consistently evaluating my strategies and seeking growth opportunities. For example, involving more team members in developing assessment questions, expanding the diversity of stakeholders in the planning process, and focusing on time management can lead to better outcomes. Like my peers, I plan to prioritize and allocate time effectively to engage in meaningful conversations and actively participate in discussions.

What lessons have I learned?

Throughout this journey, I have learned the importance of resilience, adaptability, and the willingness to evolve as a leader. Embracing change, being open to new ideas and perspectives, and learning from my peers' experiences have allowed me to grow and develop as an educator and innovator. I have learned to abandon past practices that may no longer be effective in today's rapidly changing world and embrace new approaches that better serve the needs of my students and colleagues.

Where am I looking to anticipate change?

To anticipate change, I actively engage in professional development opportunities, stay informed about emerging trends and technologies in education, and foster a diverse network of connections. Embracing uncertainty and being open to new ideas have allowed me to be more prepared for the rapidly evolving world around us. I can proactively adapt to changes by staying connected and informed and ensuring that my innovation plan remains relevant and impactful.

What is the diversity measure of my network?

My network comprises individuals from various backgrounds, disciplines, and industries; this diversity has enriched my learning experience and provided me with invaluable insights and perspectives. Expanding and nurturing this diverse network will enable me to stay informed about new ideas, trends, and best practices that could inform and enhance my innovation plan.

Am I courageous enough to abandon the past?

As I approach the end of my graduate program, I have been courageous enough to abandon past practices and mindsets that were no longer serving me. Instead, I have embraced the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapid pace and scale of the program, finding strength and resilience even in the face of overwhelming workloads and deadlines. This courage has allowed me to let go of old practices and continuously evolve as a leader.

I am eager to continue implementing the valuable insights gained into my innovation plan and am excited about the challenges and opportunities. I am grateful for the lessons learned, the support and guidance of my peers and professors, and the chance to contribute to the learning community. As I take the following steps in my career, I am committed to applying these insights and experiences to further my innovation plan and continue making a positive impact in the field of education.

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