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Change is essential for growth. Here's 

Organizational change is a difficult and delicate process. In order to effect lasting change within an organization, it is necessary to reach the "hearts and minds" of those within the organization.  As Kotter mentions in his "Heart of Change" video, organizational change can be accomplished by understanding the needs and wants of all stakeholders. Once you obtain that understanding, you must then cater to those needs. A clear Why statement is crucial if one plans to communicate the need for change to others.


A school's morning routine can set the tone for the entire day. We aspire to promote student achievement by providing a positive and engaging start to each day. We want our students to feel welcomed, valued, and safe as soon as they arrive on campus. When students and teachers alike feel good about themselves and their surroundings, they're more likely to be successful, assuring the success of our district's mission to teach so that students learn to their maximum potential.


We will implement an announcements program to increase student-campus involvement and student-teacher collaboration all while striving to keep the campus body as a whole in tune with events. To make this happen, we need the buy-in not just of our students but policymakers and campus leadership. Open communication is critical when implementing change. We must encourage questions and feedback from all levels of the organization to see the totality of the project. It's also important to listen to what classroom teachers say and wholeheartedly consider their input.


This program will allow students to create relevant and engaging information for their classmates and all campus employees. By doing this, we hope to see a decrease in apathy among students and an overall increase in school spirit. We also strive to increase the promotion and recognition of student and teacher achievement ie. awards, grants, and scholarships which can help motivate students to continue working hard and striving for success. 


Switching our morning announcements routine from a predominantly audio-based format to a video-based system would allow for greater content delivery flexibility and provide students with a more engaging learning experience that promotes positivity, boosts morale, and builds strong learning environments.

WHY - Student success, teacher morale!

I believe that every student and teacher deserves a positive and engaging start to each day.

Video Editors

HOW - Challenge the status quo!

Implement an announcements program that allows students to create relevant and engaging information for use within the campus body.

Film Clapboard

WHAT - Deliver engaging content!

Produce video-based content for morning announcements in a K-12 educational environment that helps promote student achievement and connectedness among peers and educators.

Film Student
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