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Contributions to My Learning

The Learning Community

Celebrating those who contribute to our learning and the learning community means acknowledging and expressing genuine gratitude for the individuals who have positively impacted our educational journey. It involves being heartfelt and reflective, recognizing their efforts in fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and providing guidance, all of which enrich our learning experiences. By engaging with my fellow graduate peers and expressing my appreciation, we strengthen our connections and foster a supportive and nurturing environment that inspires continued growth and success for everyone involved.

Summer 2022

Reflecting on the beginnings of this new journey, I explore the importance of reflection in learning, focusing on educational technology and disruptive innovation. I continually investigate new concepts and technologies to improve teaching practices and student outcomes. However, I recognize the need for improvement in time management, prioritization, and timely communication to further enhance my learning experience and relationships with colleagues.

Summer Fun
Kids with Pumpkins

Fall - Session 1, 2022

Consistency and active participation are key contributors to success in graduate studies. Improvements can be made in timely assignment revisions and enhancing leadership skills. Collaboration and a supportive learning environment are crucial for growth and success among classmates.

Fall - Session 2, 2022

Acquired essential skills for leading organizational change and exploring emerging educational technologies were key. Collaboration and innovative thinking successfully implemented video-based morning announcements in an elementary learning environment. Classroom discussions, invaluable colleague feedback, and joint projects with LaTammie significantly contributed to my growth and learning experience.

Happy Children Sledding in Snow
Children's Race

Spring - Session 1, 2023

I met high self-assessment expectations in two courses, crediting thorough resource utilization and collaborative leadership. I acknowledge room for improvement in broader engagement, valuing my collaboration with LaTammie. Overall, I am proud of my contributions and will continue striving for excellence in future learning endeavors.

Painting Eggs

Spring - Session 2, 2023

In the final two graduate courses, I deepened my knowledge in digital learning and leadership, implementing video-based morning announcements and creating a professional learning platform for teachers. My growth was fostered by collaboration, exchanging ideas, and the support of my colleagues and instructors, Dr. H and Dr. Meeuwse.

Painting Eggs
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