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My career in Killeen ISD began in November 2015 as a dual-roled instructional technology leader for a Title-1 campus. I enjoyed my time as a Campus Instructional Technologist and Campus Support Technologist. Working closely with campus administrators, instructional leaders, our teachers, and the students leveraging technology to make learning exciting has been one of the most rewarding opportunities thus far for me.


I now serve in a new role as the Multimedia Specialist within the Communications Department for Killeen ISD. I am focused on delivering educational content, telling the many stories within our 52 campuses, modernizing the brand identities of more than 20+ campuses, redefining the district's and campus's web presence, and molding summer interns who recently graduated from our  Early College High School program.

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Creative Strengths: Focus and dedication, ability to achieve mastery

Untapped Potential; Taking creative risks, finding joy and play in the process

Ideal Collaborator: The Visionary

I am driven, focused, and dedicated to the creative process, as a MAKER, I strive to master the art of manifesting ideas and visions in three-dimensional form. Society greatly benefits from the work of MAKER types, those who develop the systems, structures, tools, and innovations that the rest of the world relies on.

One of the hardest workers of all types, the MAKER is almost always busy solving problems, making headway on personally meaningful goals, and completing projects. There are few things that bring me more satisfaction than applying my brain power to crafting things and making progress in any form. I tend to excel in design, crafts, architecture, and other fields that blend artistry with business and technology.

I am driven by tangible results, and I know how to deliver. A quiet type, I enjoy collaboration but generally prefer to work alone so I can focus on the creative process.

I know how to play the long game, and I am not afraid to do the unglamorous legwork that goes into building something of value over time. My gifts of focus and dedication can lead to achieving mastery and coming to be seen by others as an authority in my field.

My biggest challenge? To connect more deeply with my intuition and emotions in order to bring forth ever more authentic and original work. Productivity is only half the equation of doing great work—the other half is the inspiration. Creating the space to dream, imagine, and play can keep your work from becoming rote and mechanical.

Those who are enterprising VISIONARIES are those who help me to take my creativity to new heights. A VISIONARY’s soaring imagination gives me permission to dream bigger and envision the impossible—and to fearlessly risk failure in order to make it a reality.

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What I’ve Done

August 2020 - Current


  • An integral piece to a successful communications department, helping in 53 award-winning endeavors within a two-year span.

  • Performs multimedia production assignments for a range of training, informational, and communication purposes.

  • Lead the production and development of training and educational videos, or other media, from original concept to completed project; conduct background research to evaluate needs and advise on appropriate media; interview content experts; design and write a content outline or script; rehearse actors; shoot and direct the work of talent; perform post-production editing, including the incorporation of computer-generated graphics and effects; deliver the finished product to the client.

  • Interview content experts; design and write a content outline or script; rehearse actors; shoot and direct the work of talent; obtain the required media components, original or stock, through photography, film, and graphical design; perform post-production editing, including the incorporation of computer-generated graphics and effects; deliver the finished product.

  • Manage and troubleshoot audiovisual technologies; set up presentation systems for live events, meetings, and press releases;

  • Research and study trends in audiovisual technologies; attend conferences; evaluate new systems and recommend equipment for replacement or upgrade.

  • Lead the production and development of photographic art; photograph executive-specific activities and events; process and edit all multimedia images from original concept to completed project; use image-editing software to enhance and prepare photographs; create camera-ready art for displays, presentations, publication, information sharing, and official identification.

  • Maintain media library; duplicate and distribute content; convert files for compatibility; research technology for both short- and long-term storage of media archives.

  • Works with Adobe Suite,, Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor, and Affinity.

November 2015 - Aug 2020


  • Provides technical assistance and guidance to 3 administrative staff members and 62 campus staff members.

  • Provides professional development support to all staff members to increase technology awareness.

  • Collaborates effectively with instructional staff to develop curriculum materials and specific lesson plans that integrate technology.

  • Encourages technology across the curriculum, instruction, professional development, and learning environments.

  • Implements, install, and maintain Apple and Windows environments concurrently.

  • Developed, designed, delivered, and maintained internal and external websites.

  • Maintained serviceability and the software of 265 Apple iMacs, 150 Apple MacBook Pro’s, 430 Apple iPad, and 25 Windows devices via JAMF Pro, SCCM, Active Directory, and ticketing system.

  • Resolve issues quickly and precisely to completion and prioritize multiple tasks.

  • Collaborated with administrators to ensure optimal, efficient operations of all campus technology resources and their innovative intervention into the learning environment.

  • Coordinated, established, and maintained executive-level video conferences, meetings, interview sessions for administrators.

  • Coordinated and managed the lifecycle deployment of $650,000 worth of technology resources ranging from end-user devices to Main/Intermediate Distributions frames.

  • Demonstrated ability to master new software and functionality in a limited amount of time.

  • Demonstrated and maintained a zero downtime mentality in words and actions by tackling each issue swiftly and intelligently.

  • Performed repetitious detail assignments and data processing.

  • Oversees and supports the use of significant software investments in technology, such as Schoology, iReady, eSchoolPLUS, ST Math, etc., campus-wide.

  • Coordinated and delegated taskings to Computer Aide.

  • Manage heavy workload with a positive attitude.

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