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Embracing the COVA Approach and Creating Significant Learning Environments: A Personal Journey

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

During the Summer of 2022, I began my journey in the ADL program, where I was introduced to the COVA approach and Creating Significant Learning Environments (CSLE) concept. Initially, I felt both excited and apprehensive, but as I started to take ownership of my learning, I realized the immense potential of these approaches in transforming education.

The Journey: Embracing COVA and CSLE

My first experience with the COVA approach and CSLE was during our initial Summer 2022 course sessions. We were tasked with creating an eportfolio without prior knowledge or research on the right platform to benefit our intended innovation plans. This challenge was a turning point in my educational journey, as it forced me to rely on guidance from mentors and peers, ultimately leading me to embrace the autonomy of the COVA approach.

Throughout my journey in the ADL program, I have learned to appreciate the significant impact the COVA approach and CSLE have had on my learning process. By actively engaging with online communities, dedicating time to creative exploration, and reflecting on my learning experiences, I have shifted my perspective on learning to focus on providing opportunities for students to interact with the assigned material, engage in real-world problem-solving, and develop their creativity and collaboration skills.

My Innovation Plan: Video-Based Morning Announcements

My innovation plan aims to implement engaging video-based morning announcements to create significant learning environments that promote active learning, collaboration, communication, and community building. Over the last two sessions, I also learned that my innovation plan is two-fold, as I need to focus just as much on the educators and their professional development as I set out to devote to the students.

Preparing for Challenges: Professional Development and Stakeholder Buy-In

To prepare for the challenges associated with implementing the COVA approach and CSLE in my organization, such as obtaining buy-in from stakeholders and addressing technical difficulties, I will provide professional development opportunities for educators involved in the implementation plan, facilitate discussions on the benefits and challenges of the approach, and effectively model the implementation in a pilot classroom.

Conclusion: Commitment to Creating Significant Learning Environments

By remaining committed to creating significant learning environments and fostering a culture of learning that emphasizes creativity, collaboration, and global citizenship, I am confident that we can overcome any challenges and create transformative educational experiences for all students and educators. My journey through the ADL program has been emotional and challenging, but it has allowed me to grow and witness the incredible potential of the COVA approach and CSLE in shaping the future of education.

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